How to Throw a Unicorn Rainbow Sleepover Birthday with out going insane!

I blame Pinterest.

When I sat down with E around January 15th to start planning her birthday I foolishly said, “Let’s check out Pinterest!”  Full of enthusiasm and dreams of an awesome birthday party in which Mummy doesn’t go crazy.  Something awesome, easily achieved and low key.  We scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through a bajillion gazillion pictures of all things unicorn and rainbow.

We stumbled upon a lovely party from the folks over at Jonesing to Create.  We started having Parry Gripp music fests every morning before school.  And we have a new about-to-get-on-the-bus, off to swim lessons, grocery store, fight dragons etc, catch phrase: “Smiles and Hugs Forever!”  Of course the downside being the earwigs from…you know, the bad place you can’t even be upset about because it comes with rainbows and unicorns and breakfast burritos and a palindrome enabled feline.

And there was more Pinteresting…a lot more Pinteresting.  If you want to get a sense of just how much Pinteresting there was going on check out the page here!

So after a few trips to Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store and many deliveries from Amazon this is what we ended up with:


We’re planning 4 different meals.  Dinner, Dessert, Midnight Milkshakes and Breakfast.  Did I mention this got way WAY out of hand?  I have decided to be a slacker and order the food for dinner and breakfast.  A Chick-Fil-A nugget tray for dinner and Dunkin’ Donuts for breaky.  Midnight Milkshakes (more like 9 pm milkshakes but Midnight Sounds Better) and the Unicorn Cake to end all Unicorn Cakes will be home made.  And a rainbow veggie tray, but that’s not really cooking.  BTW purple cauliflower blows kids minds.

For games we have planned a series of minute to win it games.  Spirit Unicorn which involves balancing a stack of cookies on your forehead.  Junk In the Trunk (Unicorn Edition) involves a lot of um…tail swishing to get ping pong balls out of a tissue box strapped to your waist.

Side Note: Can I just say that I find it disturbing that ping pong ball manufacturers are now starting to sell “Beer Pong” sets of balls…they’re not called “Beer Pong” specifically. They shortened it to just ‘Pong!’ but its a game for ages 4+ about getting a bounced ball into a red solo cup…hmmm.  Thank you Dollar Store my kids will be ready for college in no time! sigh

Ring toss involves a hula hoop and a traffic cone decorated with glittery duct tape, ’cause glittery duct tape.  Marshmallow Lasers involve the hula hoop and a bunch of solo cup and balloon marshmallow launchers.  And finally Rainbow sorting which involves using  a straw to pick up a candy and sort them by color.  We’re not doing a prize for each game, but I drew up a grid with the girls names and we’re going to keep score, then award 1 prize at the end.  Hopefully with out tears.  Smiles and Hugs Forever, right?

We’re also doing a sprinkles/sand art/unicorn potions lab, which involves test tubes and colored sugar.  To take home.  Not to be consumed on site.  To be used as ice cream topping at a later date away from my house.  These parents are going to love me.  I’m putting rock candy, marshmallow ropes and sugary butter mints on the cake.

And here’s the cake topper we made with sculpey clay.  This photo is pre-baking.  He didn’t survive the oven (giant bulbous head and delicate hair styles don’t mix) so below is the new fondant version.  The chopstick protruding from the side is to help prop him up.  He’s listing a bit.  The side by side shows that I sized him up a bit.  It was easier working with the fiddly fondant on a slightly larger scale.  Although that meant that I had to use rice crispy treats for his body and head.




For a more traditional craft experience we’re making dream catchers.  I talked E down from the Unicorn Head Shaped Dream Catchers to “simple” single hoop style with hoops with ribbon and yarn and feathers.

Then there will be a movie and karaoke and nail polish bottle spinning to take up some of the extra time.  Speaking of time, I love the idea to hang a bunch of balloons with times that the girls will pop to keep the flow of the party going.  Otherwise we’d have everything done in about 30 minutes and we’d be reduced to eating the sprinkles from the unicorn potions lab.  That must not be allowed to happen.

Of course before all this loveliness (read: madness) happens there are the decorations.  I think I successfully dodged the Unicorn Rainbow Flower Party Tent idea but I’m not sure.  There are still 3 days for E to work on my complete lack of will power with her baby blue eyes.  Must Resist…must resist….must resist….gah!!!!!

I’m totally plotting where to go mattress snatching (guest bed and trundle…I’m looking at you!) and trying to remember which Christmas box has the white fairy lights.

So WordPress has enabled donation buttons.  I don’t need cash.  But I’ll gladly accept donations of sanity and will power.

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