What’s For Dinner? Mar 12 – 19

This is an exciting week.  Two of my favorite not-quite-holidays fall in this week!  Pi Day March 14 and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.  And some how, with out really trying we managed to plan out a very international menu for the week.  I only realized this as I was walking through Kroger to get all my ingredients.  As usual spending quite a bit of time in the produce section!

You may also notice the extra and overlapping day – today.  Normally I shoot for a Monday – Sunday schedule, but this chili verde with chicken or white chicken chili or chicken tortilla soup that’s been on my mind for two weeks now just did not want to be made on the day I had planned.  For two weeks!  I guess because I didn’t really have a good recipe and slacked off cooking by the weekends when the meal was planned.  Well I rallied today.  In a big way!  I even did the grocery shopping a day early because I needed ingredients.  And in all my searching I came across a (hopefully) wonderful recipe for Green Chili with Chicken.

Recipe in hand, I scouted out the ingredients and went to work.  I’m not using a pressure cooker – as I don’t have one, so I’m just simmering the daylights out of everything before blending with a stick blender.  My birthday’s coming up in a few months and an instant pot is definitely on my wish list!

Paleo people look away…I also added a can of white beans and a can of hominy and a dollop of sour cream but before I un-paleo-ed it, this recipe was pretty much spot on.

The flavors were lovely.  Kevin tasted it before I added the shredded chicken back in and I asked him what it needed, but tonight he said, “I don’t think it needs anything!” Score!  It’s not too spicy.  I substituted a green bell pepper for some of the chilies, although I did use one hatch chili and one jalapeno, and two poblanos.  I also added the remanents of a jar of homemade green salsa since it was basically just an uncooked chili verde (tomatillos, poblano chilies, onions, lime juice and cilantro).  And we also have 3 quart jars left for lunchies!

The other rally point involved getting a major hankering for kimchi.  I swear I’m not pregnant.  But for some reason I just felt that I wanted to eat some kimchi.  Actually the mad hankering desire didn’t just stop at eating it, but I want to make some as well, thanks to Danny Mac’s awesome video.  Which, of course, necessitated a post-church family trip to a Korean Market in Martinez, GA.  I’ve been wanting to experiment with fermenting veggies ever since Kevin received a Perfect Pickler for Christmas from my Mom.  And now that I have the required ingredients I’m ready to go.  Instead of grocery shopping tomorrow, I’m making kimchi!  And since I have figured out how to use my phone to take pictures and upload them to the blog…there will be pictures!

Monday – Coq Au Vin – Our entry from France this week.  We’ve had a bottle of burgundy on the wine rack for a few months now.  It’s time to use it.  I also did a little freezer diving and found a bag of pearl onions.  And for some reason a bunch of mushrooms landed in my cart while I was out shopping.  I guess that means we need to make Coq Au Vin.  I have a battered old copy of Bon Appetit Magazine from October 2002 that has my favorite coq au vin recipe.  I picked it up on a whim after receiving a set of Le Creuset pots for my Birthday in 2002 and wanting recipes to cook with my fancy new pots.  A fancy cooking magazine seemed like just the thing.  In the pictures they use a huge frying pan but I always use my buffet casserole.  It’s a pretty blue that cooks great and looks great when its time to serve!  The marinating time is the longest part of this recipe.  After sauteing the marinated veggies and the chicken, everything is stewed for 30 minutes.  Then the marinated veggies are discarded (they’ve given their all at that point and are pretty  mushy) and you finish the sauce using the strained braising liquid.  Its a bit involved for a weeknight, but I’m all geared up for major cookery this week.  It’s particularly good served with a crusty loaf of bread (sorry Paleo people).  At some point I’m going to get my act together and learn how to make sourdough.  Perhaps next week.  This week I’m fermenting kimchi not flour.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday International Style – is not the Gyro a Greek taco?  Who’s with me?  Well, my family at least are along for the ride whether they know it or not.  Gyro meatballs that were in the freezer from a couple of weeks ago will be replayed as gyro sandwiches for dinner tonight!  Sauteed onions, eggplant and peppers coated in a garlicky sauce along with cool creamy tzatziki sauce, chopped tomatoes, and feta cheese and a pack of red chili oloves.  I think this might be Lolly’s favorite meal this week!  And of course since Tuesday is Pi Day as well as Taco Tuesday we’ll be having pie for breakfast (strawberry rhubarb!) and dessert (paleo friendly lemon curd pie!).

Wednesday – Indian Chicken Curry in a Hurry!  Jamie Oliver Strikes Again.  Leave it to a British Guy to have a million different curry recipes on his website.  I’m usually a fan of the Pukka Yellow Curry, but as Wednesday’s are always a bit mad here (Lucy has an activity at Church from 6:30 – 8 pm – awful timing for a family who likes to eat together!) we’re going to try Jools’ Easy Chicken Curry.  With rice and mini naan and extra veggies thrown in (yellow peppers, frozen thawed spinach, cauliflower and soaked chickpeans instead of lentils) I’m hoping it hits the spot…quickly!

Thursday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Kevin Cooks Tonight! – Guinness Braised Corned Beef, Cabbage, Onions and Carrots served with Champ (mashed potatoes with green onions).  We usually cook down the sauce from the boiled dinner into a sort of gravy and serve the sliced meat and veg over mash instead of with boiled potatoes, but if you don’t enjoy mash (sigh) you can always boil your taters along with everything else.  Enjoy with a Guinness, and kiss from an Irish Lass (that’d be me, Kevin’s mostly German).

Friday – Pizza and Movie Night!  We’re making Pizza Bianco (ricotta cheese/garlic/herb sauce instead of red tomato sauce) tonight but with added sun dried tomatoes and perhaps a little thawed squeezed spinach and maybe an artichoke one too!

Saturday – Leftovers or Jambalaya or Skillet Lasagna.  We have the ingredients on hand for both and I couldn’t decide which to put on today’s menu.  We’ll play rock paper scissors to decide next Saturday.  And if I don’t feel like cooking well I’m sure there will be leftovers too.

Sunday – Slow Cooker Korean Beef from Damn Delicious, with rice, sauteed baby bok choy, carrots and some of my homemade kimchi.


Photo Credit: Me!  This is a first for this blog!  My Image taken By Me of My Food on My Blog!!!


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