Happy Pi Day!

We’re a family of math geeks so Pi Day is sort of a big deal around here.  When we were in England going to Pudding Face the Pie Place at the Crown and Tuns Pub in Deddington was a ritual on this day.  And normally I’d take this opportunity to serve a lovely “proper” pie for dinner as well (mmm…chicken ham and leek or sweet chili beef) but it’s also Taco Tuesday.  At least were having Greek tacos in honor of the pi symbol.  And there will be a paleo lemon curd pie for dessert as well!

Anyway, the virtues of pie for breakfast are many.  It’s mostly fruit.  Yes, there’s sugar, and pastry, but it’s practically a holiday so exceptions can be made.  This is particularly lovely with a mug of hot berry tea and a dollop of Greek yogurt on the side.

For everyone up North getting walloped with snow this morning, skip the rhubarb (’cause you probably don’t have that just laying around) and instead use 6 cups of thawed frozen strawberries or fresh strawberries.  If you’re using frozen strawberries drain the juice and add it to your pot hot tea (with a wee dram of something warming if you like).  Also increase the cornstarch to 3 tbsp.  Then crank that oven up, get baking and stay warm!

Sorry I’m only able to share π/2 with you.  We ate the π before I could get a picture of it. :-/

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What’s For Dinner? Mar 12 – 19

This is an exciting week.  Two of my favorite not-quite-holidays fall in this week!  Pi Day March 14 and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.  And some how, with out really trying we managed to plan out a very international menu for the week.  I only realized this as I was walking through Kroger to get all my ingredients.  As usual spending quite a bit of time in the produce section!

You may also notice the extra and overlapping day – today.  Normally I shoot for a Monday – Sunday schedule, but this chili verde with chicken or white chicken chili or chicken tortilla soup that’s been on my mind for two weeks now just did not want to be made on the day I had planned.  For two weeks!  I guess because I didn’t really have a good recipe and slacked off cooking by the weekends when the meal was planned.  Well I rallied today.  In a big way!  I even did the grocery shopping a day early because I needed ingredients.  And in all my searching I came across a (hopefully) wonderful recipe for Green Chili with Chicken. Continue reading What’s For Dinner? Mar 12 – 19

What’s For Dinner? Mar 6 – 12

This weekend was a blast, and exhausting at the same time.  We made it through the Pokemon Party.  And we did build a veg bed only to later have second thoughts because of our termite-riddled Southern location.  Of course with everything going on menu planning was the last thing on my  mind Sunday Night.  We managed to scrape together a leftover meal from items in the fridge and freezer.  Lovely fishcakes and ranch coleslaw.  It went over well with three of the four eating.  Lucy opted for leftover beef hash and potatoes although she did enjoy the ranch coleslaw.  Lolly on the other hand would have eaten every available fishcake.  She wolfed down two before I told her to stop so Daddy would have one for his leftover lunch!  And our Little Miss Chatterbox was even the first one done with dinner!  Her cries of “I’m still hungry” were met with an arched eyebrow and pursed lips.  I told her to let her dinner settle for a few minutes and even then she went back for a piece of fruit.  I’m sensing a growth spurt coming on! Continue reading What’s For Dinner? Mar 6 – 12