What’s for Dinner: Feb 27 – Mar 5

This is a big week for us here at Overhill.  This week E will be turning 8!  And to celebrate we have gone all out Pokemon Style.  We have Pokemon food, Pokemon games, Pokemon crafts, Pokemon cakes, Pokemon gift bags filled with all sorts of Pokemon goodies, Pokemon cards…prepare yourself for a Pokemon Party Post sometime later this week!

But in the mean time we still need to eat!  And while Friday is a big day for the smallest Hobbit in our Home, and of course it’s Pizza and a Movie Night, this is also the beginning of Lent.  Which means no meat on Friday.  Boy am I glad we had that Thai chicken pizza last week!  Now since our little Lolly adores Fish, you would think this would be a no brainer, but fish on pizza was shot right down.  In flames.  Behind enemy lines.  So there won’t be a fishy pizza entry on Friday.  But then again, there may be anchovies.  Fair Warning!

So what are we eating for dinner this week?  For all that we have two meatless days, Ash Wednesday, and Friday we seem to be making up for it the rest of the week.  Starting with one classic non-Paleo sandwich favorite tonight:  Cuban Sandwiches.

Monday Night – We had lovely roast pork over the weekend.  It turned out crispy and spicy glazed on the outside and succulent just this side of pink on the inside.  And now the leftovers will be turned into one of my favorite sandwiches of all time – The Cubano!  Crusty Oval Sandwich bread, mustard, pickles, ham and pork.  Yum!  I’m also going to try a Paleo yeast bread found at Paleomom.com. I don’t need bread everyday – but the idea of a Cuban sandwich with out bread (using cabbage or mushrooms or just meat and mustard and pickles) makes me sad.  Cross your fingers that the Paleomom’s recipe turns out well for me!

Correction – I WAS going to try and make the Paleo yeast bread found on paleomom.com, but Lolly came home with a massive project due the on Tuesday and so I spent my evening guiding a research paper on Arctic Wolves.  Fun fact: Arctic Wolves have furry paws so their feet don’t get cold on the tundra.  So I know more than I ever wanted to about wolves, but I have no idea how Paleo Yeast Bread tastes.  But tomorrow is another day.  And since I get the night off from dinner cookery, I’m hoping to get the baking done!

Tuesday – Mardi Gras here in the states!  or Pancake Day in the UK.  And it’s pancake day for us too!  We’re going to a pancake dinner at our church for dinner tonight!  Lolly wants thin British Style pancakes with lemon and sugar.  We’ll be bringing our own since I don’t think that’s going to be on offer 😉  Lucy loves to drown her American Style Flapjacks in not-quite-Maple Syrup.  Kevin wants to flip pancakes in the air like Daddy Pig (I DO NOT want pancakes stuck to my ceiling Daddy Pig!) and then drown them in real-maple-syrup.  I want Pancakes, but they are most definitely not Paleo.  So, I’m gonna make some shrimp and chicken jambalaya over cauliflower rice at lunch time to feel that Big Easy spirit, and then stick to sausage and maple syrup at the Pancake Dinner (and probably a second helping of Jambalaya when I get home!)

Wednesday – Carrot, Swede (Rutabaga) and Coriander Soup with Crusty Bread.  If the bread works out I’ll have bread with lashings of apple butter along with.  If the bread doesn’t work out I’ll just skip it.  And I’m going to add Crispy bacon crumbles on the soup to provide much needed protein.

Thursday – Kevin’s in the Kitchen and he’s taking on the Jamie’s 30 minute meals Beef Hash with Jacket Potatoes and Salad with Green Goddess Dressing minus the Butter Beans.  IF I wasn’t trying to be all Paleo, those beans are absolutely divine.  I wonder if I can make something similar with diced white sweet potatoes instead…hmmmm.  But that’s a recipe for another day.

Friday – Happy Birthday Lolly!  We’ll be making Pizza of course!  But since its now Lent we’ll go meatless.  Since it’s Lolly’s birthday we’ll go Pokemon!  Red peppers, tomatoes and cauliflower, black olives and cheese to make Pokeball pizzas and of course we’re watching a Pokemon movie!

Saturday – Happy Birthday Lolly Part 2 – Since I expect I’ll be run ragged at the Pokemon Party I’m planning a crock pot dinner for tonight.  Crock Pot White Chicken Chili in fact.  I’m still trying to find a good recipe that doesn’t involve coconut.  I don’t want this to taste like a Thai soup, I want chili!  It may end up being more like chicken tortilla soup (minus the tortillas).

Sunday – Roast Turkey (no its not Thanksgiving) and a tray bake of sweet potato rounds, brussel sprouts, red onions and parsnips and a homemade cranberry orange compote.

For desserts we’re having Eton Mess since that is one of Lolly’s Favorites and strawberries are still cheap in the stores down here.  I’m not sure where the name came from but there is a wikipedia article about it.  However as I tell my kids, Wikipedia is facts about facts…not the facts themselves, so I’m not sure how accurate this information actually is.  But history aside, Eton Mess – a delicious combination of strawberries, whipped cream and broken meringues is a real treat.   I tried to make this last weekend for our picnic outing, but ended up substituting lady fingers for meringues and making a sort of Strawberry-Mi-Sue instead.  This time I’m making my own meringues since I can’t seem to find those in stores.  Oh Trader Joe – why have you forsaken me?  And I suppose we’ll have to play a little cricket to go along with our dessert.  Ready Bowler?

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