What’s For Dinner?

My challenge this week – to hop back onto the Paleo bandwagon.

I received two new magazines in my mailbox this weekend.  The Jan/Feb 2017 Cooking Light, and the February 2017 Southern Living.  Both had mouthwatering recipes featured on the cover.  Although the Lemon Cheesecake is most definitely Not Paleo!  Lolly took one look and declared that was what she wanted for her First Communion Feast.

The Cooking Light recipe for Maple Mustard Sheet Pan Chicken was a Paleo godsend for the weekend!  Kevin was sent right off to Kroger to get acorn squash, butternut squash, shallots and brussel sprouts.  The cut up whole chicken (antibiotic and hormone free), and a few pantry staples (dijon mustard, maple syrup and rubbed sage) completed the recipe.  I got the chicken coated and baking on a sheet pan while Kevin was at the store.  A quick little chop up of the veg and then it was time to add it all to the pan.  Simples!  I went ahead and made enough for two sheet pans (1/2 sheet size) and just swapped them around halfway through.  Everyone ate heartily and there was still an entire pan leftover for lunches for the week!

Inspired by my Cooking Light success on Saturday I’m featuring recipes from that magazine heavily for this week’s dinner menu:

Monday – Chicken Butternut Gnocchi (pg 120 Jan/Feb 2017 Cooking Light)  If you feel like making your own Paleo Gnocchi go for it!  I happen to have a package of gnocchi languishing in my pantry and will be using it instead.  I know its not quite Paleo, but its already here and needs to be used.  Gnocchi is a fairly regular addition to the pastas and Italian food line up in our house.  I’m sure there will be a “Next Time” and Next Time I’ll be gutsy and make my own gnocchi.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday…on a Tuesday!  Slow Cooker Barbacoa with all the fixings, including a few corn tortillas for those in the house who insist on a crunchy shell not a lettuce leaf.  Fixings also include onions and peppers (cooked with the meat), homemade green salsa (tomatillos, garlic, lime juice, 1/2 of a seeded jalapeno, and fresh cilantro), and homemade guacamole (avocados, garlic, lime juice, 1/2 a seeded jalapeno, and fresh cilantro).  No Beans or Rice, but a small amount of cheese and sour cream bring out the primal in this cavegirl.

Wednesday – Salad Daze.  Wednesday is a hectic day in our house.  Salads are great because they are generally very easy and quick to make.  Boxed mixed greens, red and yellow beets, toasted walnuts, and a small sprinkling of goats cheese are topped with a warm caramelized onion and bacon vinaigrette.  This is adapted from a walnut ad in the Cooking Light magazine.  All hail the walnut!

Thursday – I’m starting a yoga class that happens to fall right in the dinner hour.  So Kevin’s cooking tonight!  Red chicken curry simmered with onions, bamboo shoots, green beans and red peppers over a bed of cauliflower rice.  Mango smoothies for dessert!

Friday – Pizza and Movie Night!  Cauliflower pizza crust (found in Cooking Light Magazine on the Green Giant ad for riced veggies!).  I’m partial to chicken and veggies on my pizza, but ham and pineapple are also a real possibility!

Saturday – Ground Beef and Root Vegetable Cottage Pie with a Cauliflower Mash Topping.

Sunday – Roasted Salmon and Roasted Cauliflower with Herb-Caper Sauce and Steamed Green Beans

Photo Credit: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/roasted-cauliflower-with-herb-caper-sauce.html

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