Turning Over A New Leaf

Spring is in the air, even though its still January.  And with spring comes change and renewal.  Here at Plate and Plant we’re eager to get this Spring season started with all sorts of exciting new projects.  Like trying new recipes, kicking off a fresh gardening season, and indeed, writing the first installments of our newest venture – The Blog!The Plate portion of the blog will, of course, feature an enormous amount of cookery projects.  We strive to be a Paleo household.  We’re shooting for about 80%.  Most of the recipes you’ll find posted here will be Gluten Free, Lower Carb and No Added Sugar.  There may be one or two exceptions but for the most part, we’re all about the caveman!

There will also gadget testing and a minor DIY update to the current Overhill kitchen (I don’t want to spoil the surprise!) and we will be discussing the finer points of kitchen layout.

As we are attempting a much more Paleo approach to eating – which includes a lot of veg, we decided that a kitchen garden would be heavily featured in the Plant section of the blog.  The gardening season here in Georgia hasn’t quite started yet, but big plans are in the works.  A large square foot style garden with raised beds lining the hillside is our goal.  Pictures and an in depth description of our progress are forthcoming.

Also forthcoming are a new host of garden related projects.  Including how to spruce (pun intended) up old garden furniture, transforming the space under a deck stair into a potting shed, and how to layout a drip irrigation system.

Its going to be a busy Spring!  Its a good thing Mother Nature is giving us an extra month or two!


Photo Credit: By Bernie – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10100200

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