What’s For Dinner?

My challenge this week – to hop back onto the Paleo bandwagon.

I received two new magazines in my mailbox this weekend.  The Jan/Feb 2017 Cooking Light, and the February 2017 Southern Living.  Both had mouthwatering recipes featured on the cover.  Although the Lemon Cheesecake is most definitely Not Paleo!  Lolly took one look and declared that was what she wanted for her First Communion Feast. Continue reading What’s For Dinner?

Turning Over A New Leaf

Spring is in the air, even though its still January.  And with spring comes change and renewal.  Here at Plate and Plant we’re eager to get this Spring season started with all sorts of exciting new projects.  Like trying new recipes, kicking off a fresh gardening season, and indeed, writing the first installments of our newest venture – The Blog! Continue reading Turning Over A New Leaf